Memory In My Heart Custom Designer Fine Fingerprint Jewelry Memorial Keepsakes


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I purchase the jewelry?  We provide our Memory In My Heart fingerprint jewelry and keepsakes to the funeral home, mortuary, and crematory industry.  If you would like to purchase our jewelry, you can purchase online or contact us by e-mail or by phone at 888-550-5166 for more information.


Memory In My Heart Custom Fingerprint Keepsakes


What is a fingerprint kit?  A fingerprint kit is a fingerprint ink card that is used to capture a fingerprint or thumbprint, baby's hand or foot, or pet paw print. These are provided to you via mail from our Shop page.  Kits are included with every jewelry purchase.


What is the process when an order is placed?  Information will be taken on the specific jewelry item and all other information to finish the keepsake piece.  If you already have a fingerprint ID card, then you can mail or e-mail a photocopy to start the process.  Once we have received the fingerprints, we will contact you.  The fingerprint jewelry keepsake will be ready in approximately 4-6 weeks.



How long do you keep the fingerprints on file?  We keep all fingerprints on file permanently for use at a future date.

Memory In My Heart Fine Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsake Memorials







What is the size of the Heart Pendant?  Our sizes are Petite at approximately 1/2", Medium at approximately 3/4", and Large at approximately 1".







Do you offer gold without nickel?  Yes, we offer nickel-free white gold by special request. 


What finishes do you offer?  We offer a high polish shine, a satin finish or matte finish, and a rough finish.  The satin finish is great for everyday wear. 

Memory In My Heart Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Keepsakes

Does the order come with the piece to attach to the necklace or charm bracelet?  Yes, all our pieces come with a heavy gauge jump ring.  Some pieces can be heavy and we do not want them to fall off of your necklace or bracelet.  Jump rings can be soldered closed by request.

Memory In My Heart Custom Fingerprint Jewelry Fonts


Do you offer any other fonts?  Our fonts include Script, Block and Modern.  For the Petite size, one line of information up to 8 characters.  For the Medium size, two lines of information up to 10 characters.  For the Large size, 3 lines of information up to 12 characters.  Characters include spaces







Do you offer fingerprint jewelry from a fingerprint ID card?  Yes, we can make a jewelry piece from a fingerprint ID card or any ink print.  We offer our own fingerprint ID card, or you can provide a clean, crisp photocopy of your own fingerprint id card or other ink print.  You can mail or e-mail your photocopy.  Please contact us for information on how to place your order using a fingerprint or thumbprint id card.Memory In My Heart Fingerprint Jewelry & Keepsakes


Can you place my child's birthstone place on the jewelry?  Yes, we offer natural birthstones for any design.  There is an additional fee for the stone selection.  We offer the best quality gemstones and diamonds.  Birthstones can be place in the front of any piece or on the back of any mold impression keepsake.  We offer the following natural birthstones:  Garnet for January, Amethyst for February, Aquamarine for March, Diamond with and without grading report or White Topaz for April, Emerald for May, Alexandrite for June, Ruby for July, Peridot for August, Sapphire for September, Pink Tourmaline for October, Yellow Topaz for November, and Blue Topaz for December.  If you desire a different shape and size for your keepsake, please contact us for pricing.  We will also place your own stone in your keepsake for an additional charge.





Do you use Precious Metal Clay?  No, all our pieces are hand crafted in wax and cast in our own studio with your precious metal selection.  We offer .999 fine silver (silver without copper) through the art of lost wax casting.  We offer .925 sterling silver, 14kt yellow, rose, and white gold, palladium, and 18kt yellow and white gold.  Pieces made from Precious Metal Clay (.999 fine silver) are less durable and wear faster than sterling silver. 

Memory In My Heart Custom Fingerprint Jewelry and Keepsakes


Can my funeral home take the prints?  Yes, we provide fingerprint ink cards to funeral homes.  FedEx Overnight and FedEx 2-Day Service is available for an additional charge.  Your funeral home can take the prints and they will be mail back to us with your order.  If you already have an ink fingerprint from another source, we can also work with a clean photocopy of the inked fingerprint.  We will contact you to finish your order.  Your keepsake will be shipped back to your funeral home.



How long does it take?  The fingerprint or thumbprint jewelry takes approximately four to eight weeks to complete for the entire process. 




How big of a fingerprint or thumbprint can we imprint?  Fingerprints can be taken from children 9 months and older with a visible fingerprint through adults.  There is no age limit.  If you desire a print from a baby less than 9 months of age, we suggest you take a toe print, footprint or handprint on an ink card.


Can I have a fingerprint or thumbprint piece done of my dying child or grandparent?  Yes.  Please contact us for more information.  A fingerprint kit can be purchased online or by phone.  FedEx Overnight Service is available for an additional charge.  We will work with your fingerprint ID card or ink print.


I do not have a fingerprint of my deceased mother, but have her handwriting, can I get that message on a piece?  Yes, we would need a clean, crisp photocopy of the message and can create a unique piece with the handwriting.  Please contact us for more information and to place an order.  We also offer the special handwriting or love note on the back of any piece.


Can I order the dog tag in 14k Yellow Gold?  Yes, all our jewelry designs are offered in .925 sterling silver, 14k and 18k yellow, white, rose and green gold.  Platinum is available upon request.  We offer nickel-free white gold by special request.  We also offer our custom dog tag designs in stainless steel.  14k and 18k vermeil is available for all our sterling silver keepsake designs.


Can we make more that one item from each impression?  More than one piece can be ordered with a fingerprint ink print, just let us know how many pieces when placing the order.  We keep all fingerprints on file permanently so you may order in the future.


How old do the children need to be?  Babies have such fine fingerprints that they do not show up well on the mold kits or fingerprint ID card until after the child is around 9 months of age. But - the footprint or toe print can be used from birth.  Fingerprint jewelry is available for all ages 9 months and above with a visible fingerprint.  An ink print of the hands and feet can be used from birth.  A photocopy of the ink print is all that is needed.


Can I use the dog tag for a key chain?  Yes.  We will design your keepsake fingerprint jewelry piece for whatever you need - keychain, dog tag necklace or pendant.  Just let us know when you place your order.


Is it messy to do?  No.  The hand or foot just needs to be washed once the print is taken.


Can my piece be engraved?  Engraving is included with every keepsakes.  Custom personalized engraving is available for all jewelry pieces.  We offer professional engraving on the front or stamped information on the front for a more casual look.  Engraving fonts include Baby Script, Helvetica, Block, Single Line Script and Double Line Script.  If you desire a different engraving font, please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate your request.  All engraving is included with your order.  There is no additional charge for engraving or stamped information.


How much can be engraved on the back of the large heart?  The back of most charms and pendants can accommodate approximately three lines of information.  The dog tag can accommodate approximately 6-8 lines of information.


Can I put more than one fingerprint or thumbprint on a single piece?  Yes.  We also offer many different designs for multiple fingerprints or thumbprints.  We offer pieces with the fingerprint back-to-back or can add more than one on the same piece.  Custom requests and designs are our specialty.


Can I get a piece to match the jewelry I already have?  Yes.  Just provide the information about your piece and ideas and we will do our best.  You can also e-mail us with your information.  Please provide as close of dimensions of your piece along with dimensions of jump rings.


What is your privacy policy?  We do not disclose our customer information to anyone.  Upon request, your original fingerprint ID card will be sent back with your order - please only mail a photocopy.  If you plan on placing more orders in the future, please let us know.


Do you guarantee your workmanship?  Yes, we guarantee our precious metal selection, quality, craftsmanship, and the final product and engraving per the specifications from the original order.  If you have any questions about your order or keepsake, please contact us.


  Each fingerprint or thumbprint jewelry item you order is commissioned art and custom crafted, cast and finished by hand.  Any surface variations is to be expected and adds to the natural beauty and individuality of these hand crafted unique fingerprint jewelry.


Please e-mail us or call 888-550-5166 for information or if you have any questions about our products.


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